Tourism in Cabourg

It was in 1854 that Henri Durand-Morimbeau, a Parisian businessman, transformed the hamlet of Cabourg into a seaside resort. Having noted the flow of visitors from the capital who came there to enjoy the beneficial effects of the sea air, he saw Cabourg as a perfect place to become a first-rate spa resort. He entrusted the Caen architect Paul Leroux the design of the layout of the city, which took this unique and original form of a Greek-Roman theatre. So, today, you can contemplate the unique panorama of the city's fan-shaped streets from a viewpoint. 

The Cabourg's fame as a cultural centre developed particularly thanks to the founder of the Paris Olympia Hall, Bruno Coquatrix, who decided to use the Casino of Cabourg as a showcase for the rising stars, before offering them a place in the programme of the legendary Parisian venue. This is how Edith Piaf, Dalida, Gilbert Bécaud and Yves Montand performed on the stage of the Casino, among many other famous artists.

Did you know that Cabourg has the longest seafront promenade in Europe? The famous Marcel-Proust promenade is 3.6 km long and offers, seawards, a magnificent panorama of the Flowery and Mother-of-Pearl Coast, and, landwards, a view of beautiful Belle Époque villas bordering the seawall. The perfect place for your leisure holiday strolls!

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